Vaccination Rates in Austria


This project aims evaluating the vaccination coverage for measles and poliomyelitis in Austria. This includes detailed results showing the progression over several years and the situation among different age groups.


Measles and Polio are typical childhood diseases. Today, vaccines exist for both of them. Polio has been eradicated in Austria for several years. However, there are still measles outbreaks on a regular basis. In both cases, a permanent eradication is intended. This can only be achieved with a sufficiently high vaccination coverage. However, there is only data about vaccination numbers per year, in many cases with information about the person’s age. Built on an existing agent-based simulation of the Austrian population, these vaccination numbers are simulated over 18 years, considering births, deaths, emigration, and immigration. With this strategy, the vaccination coverage per year can effectively be calculated, even though there is an uncertainty about the vaccination state of immigrants. The results provide a deeper understanding about successfully achieved goals and where improvements are still required.

The project was conducted by order of the Austrian Ministry of Health and Women's Affairs.