Methods & Technologies

To reach its aims DEXHELPP combines approaches in the areas of data security & data management, statistical methods, mathematical modelling & simulation and visualisation as well as public health & decision analytics modelling. DEXHELPP develops all necessary processes in order to treat complex data from the Austrian health care system in a secure manner, while integrating a new research server at the TU Vienna. On this basis amongst other things population models are developed. This helps to analyse and model the spreading of diseases in the population. Furthermore, treatment paths are analysed and methods are developed, therefore for example differences in care can be identified. An important aspect is the possibility to implement changes inside the system, like interventions inside the computer model, and to analyse their effects. DEXHELPP develops concepts to present the complex outcomes in a user-friendly manner. Moreover, DEXHELPP is devoted to different methods of data security, quality control and to the communication of their outcomes, in order to test the cooperation of new technologies and to secure documentation and reproducibility.

DEXHELPP delivers, besides statements about ideal strategies of planning, information about areas that have to be analysed more intensely in the future and about which data should be collected more precisely, to decision-makers, in order to plan in a more exact manner.