DEXHELPP has clear-cut objectives and aims. These include the development of a multitude of methods, models and technologies, the securing of their practical use as well as the development of methods of comparison, combination, security and knowledge transfer. In order to verify the developed solutions the K-Project is also going to operate a research server with routine data. It is going to provide data for DEXHELPP but also for other scientific projects. Therefore for the first time in Austria the combining and processing of different sources of data is going to be possible. This data basis enables virtual studies, calculation of scenarios and simulations that are internationally without competition. On the basis of the data and the methods concrete uses of “proof of concept” can be conducted.

This is including a variety of problems, in order to show the broad usability of the new methods. The applications planned at the time include the analysis of different screening programs, the analysis of the primary care, a simulation model to evaluate different real and possible paying systems, assessment of needs based on morbidity, also concerning different regions in Austria, examinations of chronical diseases, like diabetes and the analysis of programs of prevention. Furthermore, all partners are going to heighten their knowhow and expertise. The concrete research results can be implemented, following their different interests, by all partners.