DEXHELPP is composed out of 6 partial projects. Two of these projects (green) are oriented towards the described technological process in order to guarantee scientific excellence. Therefore, DEXHELPP is going to explore fundamentally new methods in the strategic research project Data & Methods (SR). In the application research project Database Development, Management & Privacy the handling of routine data is being further developed and different data is made available following clear guidelines (technological, formal and legal) serving as a basis for following research projects. For this purpose a particular research server is developed and operated, also providing a foundation for following national and international research projects. Four partial projects (blue) are oriented towards the specific areas of the health care system, in order to assure a proximity to application. The three partial projects of DEXHELPP Burden of Disease, Pathways of Service Utilization und Intervention & Planning are realized on the basis of concrete questions. In the fourth strategic research project Dynamics Analysis (SR) dynamic connections inside the health care system are researched.