"Reducing psychiatric rehospitalisation, making the right decisions", Helsinki


Concluding the EU FP7 project CEPHOS-Link, Günther Zauner and Christoph Urach will take part in the conference "Reducing psychiatric rehospitalization, making the right decisions" in Helsinki Finland. Here, the results of the project, in which also partners of DEXHELPP played a major role in data analysis, modeling and decision support, are presented.

CEPHOS could draw on the methodology and modules of the dynamic population modeling developed in DEXHELPP and was able to extend it to other European countries. Also DEXHELPP can benefit from this strategy, as the models are now applied more easily and quickly to other countries. Challenges such as the calibration of the population models could be implemented within the framework of scientific method development (Project 6: Dynamics Analysis). In the decision support tool generated, the modules developed in DEXHELPP were optimally integrated. The modules have been integrated into the DEXHELPP portfolio and are therefore available to all partners in Austria as well.

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