Markus Hengstschläger in Conversation with Niki Popper

Note: This is an automated translation (using DeepL) of the original German article.

The geneticist and the simulation researcher talk about models of the future and role models from the Renaissance

The geneticist and university chair Markus Hengstschläger headed the Council for Research and Technology Development together with Hannes Androsch, is deputy chairman of the Bioethics Commission in the Federal Chancellery and scientific director of the think tank Academia Superior - questions of the future are his daily bread, so to speak.

Niki Popper’s team’s simulation models are essential for the formulation of the Austrian Corona Strategy. They provide information about what can be expected under which circumstances. You could say they take a look into the future.

Until recently, they knew each other only known from media. But that changed at the end of 2021, when the two met for a conversation at the Institute of Medical Genetics to talk about models of the future for Palfinger’s magazine &beyond. The entertaining conversation in which the two capacities chatted about skills, the education system, models of the future and role models from the past can be found on pages 52 to 57. You can download the corresponding issue of &beyond as a PDF here.