Pilot Project - Record Linkage East Tyrol


»DEXHELPP-Osttirol« designates a DEXHELPP project which makes the following achievements.

  • Establishing a protocol for linking microdata from data sources which contain information

    • on the socio economic position of persons of working age

    • on contacts with providers of health services (including corresponding diagnoses)

  • Analyzing the incidence/prevalence of spells of morbidity of persons living in the Osttirol region in relation to their socio economic positions during the preceding years.

  • Analyzing the influence the spells of morbidity exert on the social economic position of those affected in the aftermath.


The following variables characterize the spells of morbidity: Cumulative days of sickness leave from work and at intramural providers of health services, related diagnoses (partly documented, partly statistically inferred from prescriptions).

The socio economic position is characterized by personal attributes (age, sex, educational attainment) and labour market participation (employment, registered unemployment, earnings).