Evaluation for Prognosis of Primary Care


The aim of this project is the development of methods that are capable of describing primary care in Austria and are applicable in further projects. These methods include

(I) the evaluation of a common basic population,
(II) an assignment of districts to health care providers,
(III) mapping of services,
(IV) the evaluation of the density of care – and care efficiency,
(V) the acquisition of the regional distribution of services,
(VI) the acquisition of seasonal treatment performance, and
(VII) the calculation of pathways of care involving primary care.


For the particular aims manifold methods are used and applied to data covering the years 2006 and 2007: (I) A comparison of the population covered by Statistics Austria with the population of the insured people from GapDRG. (II) The health care providers in GapDRG including the assigned districts are determined with statistical methods while considering patients and their billed services. (III) – (VI) Data from GapDRG is inquired and results are visualized properly with different methods. (VII) The pathways of care are calculated with data from GapDRG by by analysing linked indirect personalised service utilization data.