Niki Popper is Austrian of the Year in the Category ''Research''

Note: This is an automated translation (using DeepL) of the original German article.

Nominated at Austria-21 Gala for ‘‘the predictions and simulations around COVID-19’’

At the gala in Vienna’s Sofiensäle on Wednesday evening, ‘‘people who have made outstanding achievements’’ were honored in seven categories. This award by “Die Presse” took place for the 18th time this year.

The Austrians of the year were determined in a three-stage procedure. Five nominees per category were up for election, and “Die Presse” readers were able to vote for them. A jury of experts then selected the winners from the top three.

In the Research category, Niki Popper, chair of DEXHELPP, was honored “for his predictions and simulations, especially in the field of pandemics.

“I was awarded as a person. I am happy about that, but of course it is an award for the whole team that is behind it and makes this work and results possible in the first place,” says Niki Popper.

The dwh congratulates the winners of the other categories:

  • Success International: Anna Kiesenhofer
  • Humanitarian Commitment: Christine Wallner
  • Climate Initiative: Katharina Rogenhofer
  • Cultural Heritage: Mavie Hörbiger
  • Company with responsibility: Ulla Wannemacher and Andreas Wilfinger
  • Start-ups: Cornelia Habacher

For all those interested, there is the possibility to watch the highlights of the gala, moderated by Margit Laufer, on the national holiday (October 26th) at 23.30 on ORF 2.

And a more detailed portrait of Niki Popper for the nomination can be found here.